One-stop Business Start-up

In Japan, if you want to start a business, you may have to talk with several specialists. Such as,

  • Administrative Scrivener (Gyosei-shoshi) for visa and other government permissions.
  • Judicial Scrivener (Shihou-shoshi) for registration of the company.
  • Tax Accountant (Zeirishi) for tax related matters.
  • Social Insurance Consultant (Shakai Hoken Roumushi) for labor related matters.

It is sometimes difficult to find English speaking specialists, and if you want to find all the specialists who speak English, it will be very difficult.

We often receive emails from foreigners who want to such as establish a company in Japan. However, the attorney (lawyer) cannot support every procedure for setting up a company.

So, we started a group of English speaking specialists to support foreigners to start business in Japan, especially in Kawasaki city (next to Tokyo and Yokohama).

Kawasaki One-stop Business Start-up Center

We believe, with this group, we will be able to support sound and smooth business start-up for foreigners.

Yokohama Bar Association has changed the name to Kanagawa Bar Association

kanabenYokohama Bar Association (established in 1892) was the only bar association in Kanagawa prefecture. All the attorneys (Bengoshi) in Kanagawa prefecture were the member of this association, but it was often misunderstood from the name that the bar association only covered Yokohama city area.

Today (1st April 2016), the association’s name has changed to Kanagawa Bar Association. From now on it is clear that the association is consisted of all attorneys in Kanagawa prefecture, and it covers the whole Kanagawa area.

* Japanese attorney can handle all legal cases in Japan, and is not limited to the prefecture of registration.

Car Accident in Japan

When you are involved in a car accident in Japan as the victim of the accident, you are likely to receive a contact from the insurance company of the other party (the driver).

The insurance company will offer you some compensation, but you should know that there are 3 types of “stanadrd”s.

(1) Mandatory Insurance (Jibaiseki Hoken) standard

The insurance company sometimes offers to the victim according to the “mandatory insurance” (Jibaiseki) standard. This is the minimum insurance forced by law.

(2) Voluntary Insurance (Nin-i Hoken) standard

When the driver has an additional insurance (voluntary insurance), the insurance company might increase the offer to the level of “voluntary insurance” standard , which is higer than (1), but lower than (3).

(3) Court standard

If the settlement cannot be made by (2), then the victim will have to file a lawsuit. The court will decide according to the “court standard”. This standard is higher than (2), and if you get a final court order about your damage, the court will also order the driver to pay 10% attorney fee and annual 5 % interest.

Negotiation with the insurance company

When you directly speak to the insurance company, they are likely to offer you (1) or (2) and say “this is the maximum”. If you want to claim what you are supposed to be paid, you will have to explain about your damage and claim it legally.

So it is very important to consult an attorney (lawyer) before making the settlement with the insurance company. When the attorney is involved, the insurance companies often change their offer to the amount which is closer to (3).

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