Attorneys (Bengoshi)

Attorney at Law “Bengoshi

Kei Sumikawa
(Kanagawa Bar Association – Kawasaki Branch)

Keio University (faculty of law)
Lions Club member (Kawasaki Tachibana Lions Club)
The Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
TOEIC score 990
Language: English, Japanese

Hazuki Kobayashi (Kanagawa Bar Association – Kawasaki Branch)

International Christian University (Liberal Arts)
University of Tokyo Graduate schools for Law and Politics (Law School)
Language: English, Japanese

Shiho Suzuki (Kanagawa Bar Association – Kawasaki Branch)

Waseda University (Master of Arts in Social Sciences)
Chuo Law School
Language: Portuguese, English, Japanese

Fumiko Ogawa (Kanagawa Bar Association – Kawasaki Branch)

Shiga University
Studied in Michigan State University
Voluntarily drop out of Doctor’s Course of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotubashi University Graduate School

SME Consultant, CFP, CMA

Language: English, Japanese

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